International Achievements

His painting “After Bath”, medium oil – canvas 24” x 36” won the second prize of £800 at British Empire Exhibition of common wealth countries at London in 1924 when he was just twenty nine years old. The same was acquired for their art gallery in London. The exhibition was marked as the top ranked exhibition in the world .“After Bath” a back of the lady with wet clothes, its transparencies with ideal surroundings will be hailed by generations to come and may even be classed with “Ingres’s famous painting “la scurce”.

Ten years later on 30th December, 1934 at the Exhibition of Modern Indian Art held at London, inaugurated by the duchess of York (now the queen’s mother), his painting “Ganesh Puja” medium canvas-oil, created a sensation and was bought by Mr. M.S. Aney.

“Her last desire” and “Taj in the evening lights” medium canvas – oil, 45” x 30” was acquired by the Govt. of U.S.S.R. in 1953 and was decorated in National Gallery of Art of Russia.

He was invited by U.S.S.R. and Hungarian Govts. in 1959, to hold one man show of his paintings at Moscow, Leningrad, Budapest and Scotland , also he was honored by all the Govt’s with glorious awards.

“The Taj in full moon” medium canvas – oil 45” x 30”, was the only selection as India’s beauty from central Lalit Kala Academy (national gallery of art) and presented to high commissioner of India in London for the common wealth institute for the blinds at London in 1965.

“The Scotland National Gallery of Art” one of the most selective galleries in the world bought the painting “Qutab Minar, Delhi”.

Lord Irwin (later lord Halifax) and Lord Linlithgow both former viceroys, each became the owner of the S G Thakur Singh’s paintings “Evening lights on the old place, Udaipur” and “Valley of Gulmarg, Kashmir” respectively.

His paintings are decorated in more than fifty national museums and art galleries in different countries.